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Contemporary Pakistani Queer Artist Anwar Saeed (b. 1955) 

  • Saeed focused on the psychology of men beyond symbolism 
  • He focused on politics, male desire, & the male body in his artwork 
  • During the 20’s and 30’s, a time of brewing Hindu nationalism, the strong male body was brought to attention 
  • In his work we see the connection between the Indian and British man, the ideas of masculinity 
  • His work showed that India will no longer be a female symbol, and connects males to nationalism
  • His work reflected the idea that one has to be as aggressive with their masculinity as the British were to have a nation 
  • his first exhibit was raided by the police 
  • this showed the limites of the Pakistani art space

*notes are from the Contemporary Queer Art in Pakistan Session (day 1 of the conference) presented by Pakistani queer folks who are studying art hxstory and South Asian hxstory